Founder & Trustee Message

S.D. Public School provides an academic environment blended with love and discipline conductive to overall development of the children's personality and help him to grow as an enlightened and usefull ideal citizen, capable of adjusting to requirement of life.

S.D. Public School endeavcours to impart the best possible quality education to the student, based on mdern technique through well organised and fully equipped classrooms.

Our strong concern and relentless effort is to aid the development of the WHOLE PERSON, so as to be fully humane, Indian and truly modern. Our prime objective for our students is to provide them with such an environment which could make them intellectually competent, religious, roving and committed to faith and justice and finally to run along with the fast running mdern era.

S.D. Public School impart moral training in a very healthy atmosphere, fostering social freedom and equality and seeks to inculcate among its students the qualities of initiative leadership, keen senses of duties and responsibilities, good citizenship and civis sence, Theam of this school is not of the conventional and the come out successful in all conditions and under all circumstances, quality and do not go together. The school will be very selective at every stage and will not entertain more than 40 students or at the most 45 in a class.

Nothing moves nothing prospers without the will of God, The Almighty and without the good will and the active co-operation of all concerned. In that context I pray for the blessing god, his light to guide and illumine my ways and be such that the good will, the good wishes of my patrons, guardians and my fellow citizens in my venture. Finally, I express my personal gratitude to whome it my concern for my recognition as a teacher and an educationalist.

Kumari Kiran (Founder & Trustee)